Prices and Contact

Thank you for thinking about hiring me!

First off, costs are determined by the complexity of your cover design and the hours required to complete it. Prices for a standard cover are between £50 and £70 (cheaper for the $ at the moment!), plus the cost price of stock images, if needed. If your work requires a lot of digital painting (e.g. like the most recent Fireblade Array covers), then cost will be in the £100s, as each one is several days' work.

For your protection, payments must be made exclusively by Paypal. Please see the examples on my site for an idea of the things I can create.

Before submitting your request, I will need to know:
  • The title of your book, author name and series name (if applicable).  
  • Genre
  • Some examples of the sorts of covers you like or a description of what you envision.
  • Which of the examples on my site is closest to your ideal cover - if any! We can come up with something completely different if you prefer.
  • The publisher/distributor (e.g. Smashwords, Createspace, KDP etc.) and any specific requirements they may have.
  • Note: if you are submitting a photo to be included in the cover design, it must be your own work or you must own the rights to sell it as part of your book. There are numerous stock image sites on the net from which you may purchase the rights to an image. Please note that there will be a fee if you wish me to source a photographic image for you.
Once you have all this information, please contact Hadleigh using the address:

Hadleigh.O.Charles (at) Gmail (dot) com

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  1. shopping for cover. Title "Magic Bullets" A young man who because of coincidence becomes a sniper for the White House" Based on a true story but labled fiction to protect people. can you help?